Monday, September 18, 2017

A Reading in the Bat Caves of Griffith Park

                                              Sunday, September 24th, 2017 at 5pm
                                          Join us for an afternoon of readings with

                                              Allison Conner
                                                  Chiwan Choi
                                                       Siel Ju
                                             Daniel Jose Ruiz
                                             Oscar Sagastume


To Get to the Batcaves/Bronson Caves:

GPS closest address: 3200 Canyon Drive.

From Franklin Ave., head towards the Hollywood Sign on either Bronson Ave. or Canyon Dr.
Bronson eventually merges into Canyon, so it doesn't matter which street you take as long as you keep heading up the hill. Canyon Drive runs right into Griffith Park. There will be a parking lot on your right. Park here or along the road.
The trail is actually right above the parking lot. You will see the tops of people's heads. To find the proper trail head, walk to the far north side of the parking lot (the opposite direction from which you drove.) You will walk along the road for a minute or two. Ahead will be another small parking lot to your left-- straight ahead is the trail to the Hollywood Sign-- although this is an awesome hike, it is not the way to the caves. To get to the reading, follow the pink curb to the right. This will lead to the entrance to the wide, heavily trafficked and easy to find trail to the caves. The caves are a five-seven minute walk from the parking lot up a gentle grade. Pictures of the trailhead and trails are below.

You will find us inside the caves, most likely along the back entrance. We will have some chairs set up, and will try to put up signs to point you in the right direction.

Pictures to help you find the caves:

follow the pink curb to the right

proceed through trail head

a gentle uphill walk for about five minutes

the trail curves to the left, and the caves will be hard to miss

walk through the caves!

we will likely be set up inside the caves

view of hollywood sign

see you there!

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