Sunday, February 8, 2015


                                                Sunday, March 1st, 2015 at 4pm

                                             Iris De Anda
                                           Leonard Hyman
                                              Guy Jackson
                                            Lisa Mecham
                                        Dante Zuniga-West

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Due to the chance of rain, for the first time The Griffith Park Storytelling Series will not be held in the park. The Pop Hop has graciously allowed us to use their store for the reading. Please join us at this small neighborhood book store!

The Pop Hop
5002 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90042

The closest GPS/WAZE address is the Ranger Station
4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(instead of turning towards the ranger station, turn towards the MERRY GO ROUND and follow directions below)


If you are familiar with the park, make your way to Merry-Go-Round Lot #2. Walk through the trailhead towards the picnic areas and turn left. Take any trail, making your way toward the stairs. Go up the stairs, and you will see the Old Zoo across the open field to your left. We will be inside one of the enclosures-- probably the second or third. We will have signs up pointing the way, and chairs and a refreshment table set up inside the enclosure.

Detailed directions: 

Make your way to Los Feliz Blvd. and turn onto Crystal Springs Drive into the park. We will have signs along Crystal Springs to assure you that you are headed in the right direction.
Continue straight through the first stop sign, which is the turn-off for the 5. 
Soon, you will reach another stop sign. We will have a sign up here, and there will likely be many other signs up as well. The Ranger station is to your right, but you will turn LEFT, following signs for the MERRY-GO-ROUND.
At the top of the hill, turn right into the parking lot. This is Merry-Go-Round Lot #1. Drive through this lot to the next parking lot, Merry-Go-Round Lot #2. Park here. The Old Zoo is a short (5-7 minute) walk from the parking lot.

                      Walk straight along the road, but do not turn right down the hill. 

Continue walking straight through the trailheads towards the picnic areas. We will have a sign up at the trailhead.

                    Turn left, staying on the trails, which look like pavement covered in sand. 
                                                     Do not walk towards the cars ahead.

The trails around here all lead in sort of the same direction, so don't worry too much about staying on a particular trail. Soon, you will see a purple fire hydrant. Turn left up the hill and keep an eye out for staircases or a ramp. Either one will lead you to the Old Zoo.

Walk up the stairs/ramp and there will be a wide open field before you. Head left towards the ruins.


We will be in one of the enclosures. We will have chairs set up, a refreshments table, and a sign at the entrance.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Iris De Anda is a writer, activist, and practitioner of the healing arts. A womyn of color of Mexican and Salvadorean descent. A native of Los Angeles she believes in the power of spoken word, poetry, storytelling, and dreams. She has been published in Mujeres de Maiz Zine, Loudmouth Zine: Cal State LA, OCCUPY SF poems from the movement, Seeds of Resistance, In the Words of Women, Twenty: In Memoriam, Revolutionary Poets Brigade Los Angeles Anthology, Frontera Esquina, Brooklyn & Boyle, and online at La Bloga. She is a moderator for Poets Responding to SB 1070. She performs at community venues and events throughout the Los Angeles area & Southern California. She hosted The Writers Underground Open Mic 2012 at Mazatlan Theatre and 100,000 Poets for Change 2012, 2013, and 2014 at the Eastside Cafe. She currently hosts The Writers Underground Open Mic every Third Thursday of the month at the Eastside Cafe. Author of CODESWITCH: Fires From Mi Corazon.

By day, Leonard Hyman is a public policy nerd with a passion for technology and politics. By night, he is one of the LA producers of the monthly show Mortified -- "a comic excavation of the strange and extraordinary things we created as kids."

Currently living in Los Angeles, Guy J. Jackson is a writer, performer, and moviemaker. His first collection of short stories Drink The Rest Of That from Roundfire Books can be found at BBC sound artist Robin The Fog collaborated with Guy on their recent storytelling album "Notes On Cow Life", downloadable via Guy’s first horror screenplay has been optioned by Sean S. Cunningham’s Crystal Lake Entertainment for production in 2015. And shorts Guy made between pints in London can be found here:

Lisa Mecham writes a little bit of everything. Her work has appeared in The Rumpus, Barrelhouse Online and Juked, among other publications. A Midwesterner at heart, Lisa lives in Los Angeles where she's revising her first novel and of course, writing a screenplay.

Dante Zuniga-West