Monday, March 25, 2013

Pictures from the Batcaves

It was one of those perfect, clear Los Angeles afternoons. We made our way to the Bronson Caves, set up the chairs, and waited for our readers and listeners to join us.

At the trailhead

Liz Stephens reading in the caves

Liz Stephens

A rapt audience

Sergio Hernandez

Sergio Hernandez calls on audience members to play the parts of "World" and "Man."

Lauren Strasnick reading from her new novel
Lauren Strasnick

Antoine Wilson

Antoine Wilson reading a new essay

Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray in true form

Each reader had their own style, so different from one another, yet each inspiring and fascinating in their own way. We feel so lucky to live in this talented literary city, inside of which is the sprawling wilderness of Griffith Park!

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